Hi, I'm nathi. I'm so glad you are here!

Hi, I'm nathi. I'm so glad you are here!

I’m a Brazilian woman who after years living abroad, learned how to call the world my home.

I’m here with you because after helping so many friends to adapt, learn about a new culture and feel empowered, help immigrant women to thrive became my passion.

Now, I use all my knowledge from my background as a psychologist and the life experience as an immigrant

to inspire and empower immigrant women wherever they are.

After more than two decades living in the tropical land of Brazil, I put everything that I had in a large suitcase, I filled my backpack with dreams, and holding hands with two other Brazilians that I met at the airport, I landed in New York. I was so scared, so excited, so everything together at the same time.


At first, the immersion in this new environment scared the hell out of me, it made me feel like a child again, forced me to see things and people from a different perspective.


My arrival in the U.S. quickly taught me that there is nothing more valuable (and crazy) than

getting out of my comfort zone.


I used to hear a constant voice in my head saying:

“How can you succeed here if your English is that bad?”

“You are no one here”

“How can you leave your family and friends like that?”

I felt like a mess inside, many times I wanted to stay in this new land. Sometimes, everything I wanted was to go back to my homeland.

It’s mysterious but for some reason, the intensity of my feelings gave me the certainty that I love my land and my people, and at the same time I love to experience new things in my life. 
It was like hell until I finally understood that

I had to accept the power within myself and trust my intuition. 


It was by fully embracing this journey of self-discovery and with help from others that I was able to boost my confidence, to face my fears, show up to the class, to the interview, to the meeting and all the other things that I was scared to do.

In my adaptation process I grew up so much as a person, I matured, I became more confident.


I could finally see myself being the empowered woman I’ve always been, but now in a different culture facing different challenges. 

After years studying psychology, myself and living as an immigrant woman, I  decided to honor my passions.  

My mission became to lead by example, to do everything I can to help my sisters to thrive, and help to build a society where the immigrant women shine.


 I can’t stand anymore to see so much potential, so much light and force being wasted in a lonely house, without a strong community and a purpose.


When I think that this mission is too big, I ask myself the same question Emma Watson asked herself in her brave speech for the UN,

“If not now when, if not me who?”

It’s time to make all immigrant women thrive, succeed and

feel empowered wherever they are.

Are you with me?
Let’s build this beautiful reality together!


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